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Selected papers on Cyber Security

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  • 2022-08-12
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Deep Learning Based Attack Detection for Cyber-Physical System Cybersecurity: A Survey

Jun Zhang; Lei Pan; Qing-Long Han; Chao Chen; Sheng Wen; Yang Xiang



Physical Safety and Cyber Security Analysis of Multi-Agent Systems: A Survey of Recent Advances

Dan Zhang; Gang Feng; Yang Shi; Dipti Srinivasan



Blockchain-Assisted Secure Fine-Grained Searchable Encryption for a Cloud-Based Healthcare Cyber-Physical System

B. Gupta; Kuan-Ching Li; Victor C. M. Leung; Kostas E. Psannis; Shingo Yamaguchi



A Sensorless State Estimation for A Safety-Oriented Cyber-Physical System in Urban Driving: Deep Learning Approach

Mohammad Al-Sharman; David Murdoch; Dongpu Cao; Chen Lv; Yahya Zweiri; Derek Rayside; William Melek



Passivity-Based Robust Control Against Quantified False Data Injection Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems

Yue Zhao; Ze Chen; Chunjie Zhou; Yu-Chu Tian; Yuanqing Qin



Cyber Security Intrusion Detection for Agriculture 4.0: Machine Learning-Based Solutions, Datasets, and Future Directions

Mohamed Amine Ferrag; Lei Shu; Othmane Friha; Xing Yang



Using Event-Based Method to Estimate Cybersecurity Equilibrium

Zhaofeng Liu; Ren Zheng; Wenlian Lu; Shouhuai Xu



Decentralized Resilient H∞ Load Frequency Control for Cyber-Physical Power Systems Under DoS Attacks

Xin Zhao; Suli Zou; Zhongjing Ma



Distributed Fault-Tolerant Consensus Tracking of Multi-Agent Systems Under Cyber-Attacks

Chun Liu; Bin Jiang; Xiaofan Wang; Huiliao Yang; Shaorong Xie


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Release Date: 2022-08-12