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【Editor’s Pick】Selected papers on Neural Networks

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  • 2021-05-07
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▪ A Novel Automatic Classification System Based on Hybrid Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning for Electrospun Nanofibers

Cosimo Ieracitano, Annunziata Paviglianiti, Maurizio Campolo, Amir Hussain, Eros Pasero, Francesco Carlo Morabito


▪ Multiagent Reinforcement Learning: Rollout and Policy Iteration

Dimitri Bertsekas


▪ Neural-Network-Based Control for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems with Input Saturation Under Stochastic Communication Protocol

Xueli Wang, Derui Ding, Hongli Dong, Xian-Ming Zhang


▪ Deep Imitation Learning for Autonomous Vehicles Based on Convolutional Neural Networks

Parham M. Kebria, Abbas Khosravi, Syed Moshfeq Salaken, Saeid Nahavandi 


▪ Data-based Fault Tolerant Control for Affine Nonlinear Systems Through Particle Swarm Optimized Neural Networks 

Haowei Lin, Bo Zhao, Derong Liu, Cesare Alippi


▪ Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Short-Term Sampling Neural Networks

Wenjin Zhang, Jiacun Wang, Fangping Lan 


▪ Modeling and Trajectory Tracking Control for Flapping-Wing Micro Aerial Vehicles 

Wei He, Xinxing Mu, Liang Zhang, Yao Zou


▪ Deep Learning for EMG-based Human-Machine Interaction: A Review 

Dezhen Xiong, Daohui Zhang, Xingang Zhao, Yiwen Zhao


▪ Neural-Network-Based Nonlinear Model Predictive Tracking Control of a Pneumatic Muscle Actuator-Driven Exoskeleton

Yu Cao, Jian Huang


▪ A New Robust Adaptive Neural Network Backstepping Control for Single Machine Infinite Power System With TCSC 

Yanhong Luo, Shengnan Zhao, Dongsheng Yang, Huaguang Zhang


▪ Deep Learning in Sheet Metal Bending With a Novel Theory-Guided Deep Neural Network

Shiming Liu, Yifan Xia, Zhusheng Shi, Hui Yu, Zhiqiang Li, Jianguo Lin


▪ Memory Analysis for Memristors and Memristive Recurrent Neural Networks 

Gang Bao, Yide Zhang, Zhigang Zeng


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Release Date: 2021-05-07